The history of the log-cabin – Part 2

By 27 April 2015 June 13th, 2019 Gîtes Vosges Bleu Vert

The forest:

Upstream of the Grande Cascade de Tendon is a forest where there are only small long and slender trees that are too small to go to the sawmill …

The wind rushing between the trees and the weight of the snow cause windthrow (we call this the weather damage in the forest), we must find a solution!

But the market value of wood is zero following the many stocks generated by the storm of 1999, patience, patience … meanwhile the new generation of wood is growing rapidly below …

It is not less than six hundred trees on nearly 2 hectares waiting … what to do?

foret construction de la fuste Vosges bleu vert 2

We have mostly spicy about forty years old, straight and filants growing in the undergrowth. Trees that are good for fusing …

We are very sensitive to the integration of architecture in the landscape: a fuse with a green roof located at the edge of the forest is probably the best compromise, invisible or almost!

Preserving the environment is also a priority for us! We have built log cabins for millennia and it consumes almost no energy: excellent carbon capital!

foret construction de la fuste Vosges bleu vert

The insulation, the new standards of energy savings … that’s the paradox with a log cabin … it heats up easily and quickly, everyone who has one is unanimous.

We learn to the right and left but the time passes very quickly and the period favorable to the cutting of trees is imminent, we are early December and the moon begins its descent … quickly we must act!

foret construction de la fuste Vosges bleu vert 3

To be continued…